Jon Bernthal, who plays the hunky and aggro bad boy/survivor Shane on The Walking Dead shows that the brokeback pose can actually work with guys! In fact, this seems to be Bernthal’s favorite way to pose!


Or is it just….a stylistic choice of the show’s art director?

Maybe it’s meant to symbolize twisty Shane’s good guy/bad guy nature? We hereby declare Bernthal King of the Male Brokeback!

BTW, is there a reason that T-Dag never shows up in any of the promos? Or any of the plotlines or dialog? Just wonderin’.


  1. I just saved these as reference for “looking back over shoulder while turning or walking away,” a position a not-inconsiderable proportion of artists seem to have some trouble with.


  2. i hope they keep him alive based on pure hotness factor alone. he is also a much better actor than both rick and lori

  3. The best part of the first one is the high rise pants! After the zombie apocalypse ALL MEN will go back to high rise pants!

  4. T Dog is waiting till they reach another branch of the CDC and stay behind as it self destructs. the self destruct button is the new sweater vest for killing off black characters.

  5. Probably because T-Dog is a character invented for the show. He’s acting as a placeholder until well developed characters like Michonne and Tyreese show up. Also, acting as a foil for Merle (when T-Dog was featured very heavily) or for Darryl (also a character invented for the show).

  6. What the hell Walking Dead?! Shame on your for objectifying men in such a degrading fashion. The improper use of human anatomy in those photos is disgusting. I am sick of men being objectified like this in movies, tv shows, and comics. When are artists going to stop drawing all these beefcake poses? Now even the damn TV shows are showcasing this. And shame on the Beat for continuing this sexist anti-male agenda that is driving men away from TVs and comic book shops.

    Though they are a pain in the neck, there a plenty of other ways to die besides zombie attacks.

  7. I dunno, I don’t really see these as male brokebacks, as the lighting and clothing are not especially revealing.

    I would call them, as Kurt says, “looking back over shoulder while turning or walking away” poses.

    Or “watch out, buddy, or you will accidentally walk into something and hurt yourself” poses.

  8. Praise the Beat for continuing this delicious, butlicious and chestlicious “we-love-males” agenda that is driving me away from bad TV program and big-boobs ugly comics.

    As a reward, you are all more than welcome to lick your eyes for free on my blog on barechest male characters in comics by clicking on my name.

    And you too Xenos, don’t be shy, you know you like it.