As someone noted on Twitter, the T-Dog Has A Line drinking game is the most sober game of all time.


On another note, if you saw the episode, you know it was a born burner — or as they say in THE WALKING DEAD, a barn shooter. Producer Glen Mazzara has a lengthy exit interview, which is filled with spoilers and other information:

And if the farm’s not safe, will we see the group on the road again in the finale?
Mazzara: I think we’ve told our Shane-Rick-Lori story, and I think we’ve told our farm story. We’re very interested in opening up into new worlds, new characters, new dynamics, and I think Season 3 is going to really, really deliver on all of that. … Season 1 and Season 2 have just been warm-ups. I honestly believe our best episodes are ahead of us. We’re working on Season 3, and I can tell you that each episode is just as dense as the last few episodes. They’re just as good, they’re just as morally challenging, they’re just as exciting, [and] they’re just as surprising. I think we’ve hit our stride.



  1. I have to say honestly I am a late comer to the Walking Dead. But I am HOOKED! last nights show blew me away! Shane dead? WOW! I thought maybe he would run off make his own group and then have a little group war type thing. But I have to say I was blown away!

  2. Meh, T-Dog can stay as silent as he feels like, the moment anyone opens their mouths in this show it’s drama central.

    I’d like to think of T-Dog as the most level headed and non-insane member of the group, I hope he stays that way.

  3. The only bummer is if we know the actors are having contract talks that fail or are leaving to do another series then they must be killed on the show! Would’ve liked to have seen Shane abandoned somewhere so then he could return at a real dramatic moment years in the future with a bad grudge. Oh, wait… that’s Dale’s brother isn’t it?