Amidst the chaos of Marvel’s upcoming Empyre event, in which the combined Kree and Skrull Empire invades Earth, a new team of heroes will arise. Marvel has released a teaser image, bearing the Empyre logo, for a team called The Union, billing the group as “The UK’s premiere super team.”

The Union teaser

The five-member team will star in a series written by Paul Grist and illustrated by Andrea Di Vito, with covers by R.B. Silva. Of the members of the team, I recognize Union Jack…and that’s about it. Could the elf-eared woman in the back be former Excalibur member Meggan? If so, she’s dyed her hair. The others are a total mystery to me, but I like the impressive shield on the woman who appears to be the team’s leader.

The British Grist is no stranger to writing UK-themed heroes. His creator-owned character, Jack Staff, was labeled as “Britain’s Greatest Hero,” and was reportedly developed using a rejected Union Jack pitch. It’s nice that Grist will finally get to write that character after all.

What role The Union will play during Empyre and beyond is unclear (other than, presumably, they’ll be fighting aliens). The team’s name is clever, though, as the United Kingdom is still trying to untangle themselves from the European Union following 2016’s Brexit vote. Is “The Union” acting as protectors of the U.K. a not-so-veiled commentary?

Presumably we’ll get more information about The Union when Marvel’s full solicits are released some time next week.


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