After a year and a half of teasing, and walking off the project, and then coming back, and then releasing videos of himself eating donuts in Gordon Cole attire: David Lynch (and co-creator Mark Frost) will be unveiling his massive Twin Peaks reunion this May on Showtime.

Announced today at the TCA press tour, the premium network with air the two hour premiere of the long-thought impossible third season of Twin Peaks on May 21st at 9 pm. Additionally, according to Nerdist, the third and fourth episodes will be available on Showtime’s streaming and on demand platforms that same night.

The entire season order will consist of 18 (!!!) episodes, and per network CEO David Nevins, there are currently no plans for another season to follow.

But, between 18 new episodes of what Nevins refers to as a “pure heroin version of David Lynch”, and a cast of 217!!, that might be all we need.

I don’t know about you, but my Summer Sundays are set!


  1. This could be heaven or hell. David , don’t this one up, It could make history. I will cut all phonelines while watching this. And I will definitively register to any channel who’s gonna run it.

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