Look at that above image, holy cow…I knew Denis Villeneuve and Roger Deakins were going to combine for some seriously beautiful imagery, but this is like something pulled right out of my dreams.

Or how about this one?

This is just some of the incredibly evocative cinematography that will inhabit the upcoming sequel to Blade Runner aka Kyle’s favorite movie of all time. While I’m still quite dubious at the idea of a sequel in the first place (what else is there really to say?), I could probably watch this entire movie with the sound off and still come away pretty happy based on the below trailer, which just saw release today. Feast your eyes, folks:

Looks pretty great so far, even if I’m not totally sure what the actual story is about: Ryan Gosling’s K discovers a secret and has to go find Deckard out in the middle of nowhere, that seems to be the long and short of it so far…and to my surprise, there’s a big heaping of Jared Leto here, in a casting that almost seemed to come at the last minute. Very curious indeed.

Also, any bets on how long Deckard lasts before he’s killed off? That’s gotta be Harrison Ford’s MO for his big iconic characters now, right?

Blade Runner 2049 opens on October 6th. I both dread it and am so excited, that I can’t figure out a way to reconcile the two.


  1. The first Blade Runner is unbelievably beautiful but also unbelievably boring (like, I fall asleep nearly every time I try to watch it). I think I’ve only gotten all the way to the end once and that was a struggle.

  2. The first BLADE RUNNER left a lot of people cold in 1982, when it was an expensive box-office flop. But it’s a movie that has improved with age.

  3. Many of my friends feel the same way, Daniel. One of my pals once said “it took me three times to watch it before it clicked”. Mileage varies, of course, I personally wanna wallow in its aesthetic.

  4. Having read the source material I loved the movie the first time it came out. Sure, we were all tripping on Magic Mushrooms at the time, but it has held up fine over the years. I’m not watching this one, however. I checked, Phillip K. Dick didn’t write Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep 2:Electric Boogaloo.

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