And on a somewhat lighter note…Fox has released stills from this summer’s doggie comics movie, which stars Owen WIlson as the voice of Marmaduke, along with Lee Pace, Fergie, Goegre Lopez, and William H. Macy, among others. The film is based on the comic strip featuring the large Great Dane by Brad Anderson, which began in…1954. The film is a combination of live action and CGI. Can Fred Bassett be far behind?



Director Tom Day confers with his stars, above.


  1. Marmaduke speaks in the movie. One of the few comic-strip animals to NOT talk and he speaks in the movie. It boggles the mind.

  2. Ha ha ha, KET. I was about to say the SAME thing. Looks horrifying.

    Hollywood only has like, seven templates it just reuses over and over. Even the idea for Furry Vengeance had promise, in so much as teaching others about how we’re slowly destroying the environment. BUT, Hollywood of course had to completely turn it into a movie full of dancing forest creatures.

  3. Let’s see what they preserved in the translation:
    1) the character’s species
    2) the character’s breed
    3) the character’s name

    In comparison, it makes the Cathy Lee Crosby “Wonder Woman” pilot look like a faithful adaptation of the original William Moulton Marsten stories, or Disney’s “The Jungle Book” a slavish remake of Kipling’s work. This is on par with the feature-film mutations of “Underdog” or “Tom & Jerry”, I’d say.

  4. I like the ones where it’s funny because Marmaduke is doing something a big dog shouldn’t do.

    “Marmaduke! Don’t sit on that little boy’s lap! You’re a GIANT dog!”

    Also, the fact that his owner looks like Hitler.

  5. Maybe remake Star Wars with Marmaduke as Darth. Get the Star Trek crowd. Big box office. If that works, remake it again with Garfield as Darth.

  6. Seeing that picture “Director Tom Day confers with his stars, above. ” my immediate thoughts were “Are they watching “Glee”?”

  7. I like the comic strip, so maybe I’ll check this out. Does anyone know anything about this movie, or is it just the usual snark? I remember how everyone complained that IronMan was going to “suck” because the prototype armor (which figured very prominently in the comics origin) looked so “awful” and it “sucked.”

  8. “I like the comic strip, so maybe I’ll check this out. Does anyone know anything about this movie, or is it just the usual snark?”

    Just that Marmaduke and the family move out to California and that the director described the film as being like an 80’s teen film.