There is nothing quite like EternalCon. It’s a throwback comics show with longboxes, cartoonists, wrestlers, Star Trek Cast members, toys and masks…all set in an aviation museum, namely the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City, LI. This year’s event expanded quite a bit from last year, and artists alley was set up in the actual museum, so you could wander around and buy a comic from Greg Pak and then look at a Spitfire, or buy some old books while perusing the terrain of Mars. I saw a lot of oddball robotic sculptures dotting the premises and I never figured out of they were part of the con or part of the museum.

There was a huge line to get in when we arrived at noonish, as our cab driver excitedly told us. (He was also excited to have seen the Knightrider car.) I took a bunch of pictures, but they don’t really capture the experience.

The museum is really quite extensive, with a large display devoted to the moon landings, and lunar modules in all states of deployment shown.

And then you throw in a comic con.

There were a ton of cosplayers. This young Darth Vader was suitably grim, but his adult companion was having a ball. I was standing in line with them for a while, and she described her make-up process…I know it takes a LOT of time and effort to put together these costumes, but hearing about it is so impressive.

This MOnkey King really stole the show however.

The main panels took place inside an IMAX theater that it really a big surreal dome.  The talk with the four Power Rangers on hand was packed.

Next up was Marina Sirtis, the former Deanna Troi of STAR TREK: TNG. I was standing by in case she needed a moderator but that would have been a complete waste as she worked the crowd like the pro she is. She was so funny and dished on JJ Abrams and cranky guest stars and all kinds of stuff. It was (for me anyway) delightful.

Just more photos I took walking around. By the time I took these photos, a lot of people had left; earlier it was packed.

Nelson and Frank Tieri

The very talented John Cebollero and his friend, whose name I didn’t get.

As I said I don’t think these pictures do justice to just how fun and unique the whole set-up was. You kinda had to be there. However, I’m guessing that EternalCon may be too big for the Museum now—I’m not sure the layout was ideal for vendors, as you might be wandering around looking for a creator and end up in a g-force simulator ride instead. The same promoters put on WinterCon, a December show at a state of the art facility at the Resort World Casino in Queens. That might be a little easier to navigate. But for a twist on the classic old school convention, EternalCon is one of a kind.


  1. Yes, it’s a very unique venue for a ‘Pop Culture Con’. The airplanes and space vehicles are wonderful. Very nice and informative members of the museum where on hand to give detailed information on specific vehicles. I’ve been to each of the Eternal conventions and this one seemed a bit disorganized and bursting at the seams. I know it’s hard to schedule guests. (Poor Herb Trimpe wanted to appear before his untimely death. He was a big aeronautics enthusiast. Sadly Nichelle Nichols had a stroke a few weeks ago. Good health, Nichelle!) I don’t fault the promoters for these people not showing up as earlier advertised. However at 12:30 on Sunday where were Larry Hama, Joe Giella, Joe Staton, Marguerite Bennett, Vernon Wells, Eric Roberts, Marky Ramone, Chyna and Heidi MacDonald? Signage would help. Can you imagine someone who bought a ticket for Saturday only to discover that John Romita, Jr was going to appear on Sunday only from 12-2PM? Finding information on the whereabouts of guests or where panels were located was a chore. Sure, I’ll return next year, it’s still a fun show. I even bought a rubber band wind-up airplane from the museum store for my grandson.

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