Because there were not enough well-muscled guys in comic books, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is getting his own comic book, to be published by Wizard World and MPS Entertainment. The cover for the book—which will be released at Wizard World Chicago—has just been revealed and it’s by Greg Horn. The interiors have been fashioned by Paul Jenkins, Talent Caldwell, and Paul Mounts.

While some will think this is a new low for the comics medium, Wizard World has a plan for it. We had a lovely breakfast with Wizard president John Macaluso a few weeks back and he explained that, unbeknownst to the nerd-unfriendly world of the Jersey Shore, Sorrentino has always been a comics fan, a love which he clearly sublimated to the kind of mind-bogglingly idiotic shenanigans as seen on The Jersey Shore and beyond.

Now however, he’s able to let his freak flag fly with the rest of the nerds. According to Macaluso, this is actually a way to market comics to that segment of the population that still doesn’t give a shit about them. “Why not expose his 1 million Twitter followers to comics?” Macaluso told us. Indeed, Sitch has already tweeted the details to his 1.3 million followers, who are doubtless scouring Previews now to pre-order.

“The Situation” as a superhero is about to become reality. Just weeks after announcing his latest venture, an “abs-first” foray into the world of comics, pop culture icon and reality television star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is unveiling the cover of his Situation comic book produced by Wizard World and MPS Entertainment and painted by superstar artist Greg Horn. The first books are due on shelves in time for Wizard World Chicago Comic Con, August 9-12, at which Sorrentino will make his first appearance in support of the new project.

The first artwork depicts “The Situation” fully charged and ready to go.

“I was confident that an amazing artist like Greg Horn would come up with a great look, but I was still blown away by his painting,” said Sorrentino. “It has me more excited than ever to see what’s coming next.”

The team of artists and writers collaborating on the effort include Eisner Award winning writer Paul Jenkins (Wolverine: Origins, Batman, Hulk, Spider-Man), pencil and inks by Talent Caldwell (Superman, X-Men, G.I. Joe), and coloring by Paul Mounts (Avengers, Ultimate X-Men, Wolverine, and Thor).

“This team we’ve assembled is our commitment to put out a comic book of the highest quality that will have a compelling story and amazing art,” said John Macaluso, Wizard World CEO. “Our creative team is hard at work creating a book that will appeal to a wide new audience, and will also interest long-time comic fans.”


  1. “Why not expose his 1 million Twitter followers to comics?” Macaluso told us.

    . . .unbeknownst to the nerd-unfriendly world of the Jersey Shore . . .

    That’s a rhetorical question, right?

    I’ll give this to Macaluso for free: polybagged variant edition that smells like stale beer and Axe body spray.

    Ten bucks says Jenkins was given an editorial mandate to not exceed 140 characters per caption or dialogue balloon. Don’t want to take any of those 1.3 million too far out of their element.

  2. What did Greg Horn do to hooker number 1’s neck? The blonde one Christ something is very wrong there……

  3. Does the Situation get super powers from a magic tanning bed? Because that is the only origin story that makes that cover make any sense.

  4. Next they’ll do a Pauly D, Snookie, Ronnie etc. solo comics. THEN they’ll have them all meet in an eventual Jersey Shore ‘team comic’!

    No one’s seen that before…

  5. I will never be able to read another Paul Jenkins comic again with any amount of respect. Hopefully he phoned this one in and just took the paycheck, otherwise, wow.

  6. Paul D, maybe Jenkins is just down w/the GTL?

    (Gym, Tanning, Laundry – the only thing the guys on the show do, day after day. Besides getting drunk, squabbling amongst themselves, hooking up and getting into fights @clubs)

    When can we expect the “16 & Pregnant” comic book?!?

  7. I thought about maki9ng a comment about boycotting the other works of these creators ala Before Watchmen.

    I also thought about cracking a joke about The Situation #254, where John Byrne’s grandson returns as writer/artist.

    Instead, I think it’s safe to say that the comic book industry has had a good enough run. Time to shut out the lights and lock up the doors, boys.

  8. So what’s the big deal? It’s a gimmick comic. There have been hundreds/thousands in the past seven decades. This one will be forgotten with the passage of time.

  9. I never had a high opinion of Paul Jenkins’ work, anyway. He seems like one of those writers who will do anything for a paycheck and while that’s fine, some writers who do that are quite good, he doesn’t fall into that category.

    The problem with gimmick comics like these is that the quality is usually terrible, where it was obvious only the cheapest creators were assigned to work on it. The end result will be the public thinking that comics are (insert stereotype here).

  10. @SaberToothTigerMike
    While I don’t care for Jenkins either, or Greg Horn, the others are good, on other projects. Mounts is one of the guys who spearheaded digital coloring. And I happen to know Talent is doing this to raise funds to self-publish his own thing. But still, there’s better ways to raise some extra dough than spreading your buttcheeks like that.