You may recall that Lance Briggs, All-Pro outside linebacker for the Chicago Bears, is a big comics geek and even co-wrote a comic for Top Cow’s Pilot Season.  It looks like Briggs isn’t the only comics geek on the Bears.   Israel Idonije is a startign defensive lineman (which is to say he might line up at end or tackle) for the Bears and he’s not just co-writing his own comic, he’s starting up his own publishing company.

Idonije has started up Athelta Comics.  His first title will be “The Protectors.”  He’s brought on Ron Marz as his co-writer and Bart Sears as his artist.  Idonije is taking advantage of the Bears’ bye week to travel to the NYCC and promote his book.

USA Today has an interview with Idonije and Marz, wherein we learn that Idonije is a fan of Marz’s Top Cow work and like to read comics on iPad while he’s on the road.  And let’s face it, digital comics are a whole lot easier to lay hands on if you’re travelling for business.

Idonije is looking to meld superheroes and athletes for the series.  He’s also found himself in a position to hire one of his favorite writers to be his collaborator.

The subplot here is the Bears inadvertently vying to be comics’ superfan team.  (Pun very much intended.)