This fan-made composite of the Rock as Black Adam showed up on producer Michael Uslan’s Facebook page the other day, with the sad caption:

“When it’s right, you know it.”
We knew it…
“So close… so close and yet so far.”

The Rock has been itching to play a superhero for years and years, and this was apparently talked about for a while but…the Shazam movie hasn’t been heard from in a while. So screen this in The Theater Of What Might Have Been.


  1. He’s so ideal for the role of Black Adam. I’ve never seen casting that struck me as so, so right. Especially the modern era Black Adam – who is basically the modern era Namor – both good and bad. Noble. Willing to do bad things. Sometimes off the deep end. Such a great role for The Rock. It’s too bad.

  2. “Always thought it was a bit icky he was never mooted for Captain Marvel.”

    I don’t think anyone in this era gets looked at for that role over Patrick Warburton.


  3. Yup… shelved right next to the copy of “The Cowboy Wally Show” starring Chris Farley (who would later go on to win an Oscar for “A Confederacy of Dunces”).

  4. MBunge: I know people liked that Tick show, but all I’ve ever seen him in is Less than Perfect and Rules of Engagement, i.e. yuck.

  5. Have him as the villian for Justice League 2 and introduce Captain Marvel (or is it just Shazam now?) as well. (Since Darkseid is rumored for Justice League).

  6. They should make a CM movie based on the Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam! It would work as an animation.

  7. It’s simple. Make a movie based on Black Adam, or have Adam appear as a friend or foe on the upcoming Justice League movie. He can be a villian they fight prior to Darkseids conquest or along side the Justice League. I just want to see the Rock as Black Adam. I dont care how they get it done.

  8. Here is the problem with Marvel, DC, Darkhorse, etc. There has NEVER ever been a villain based movie produced and that makes no sense at all. I am a Superman and Batman fan but I will say this; People care more for the story of villains than anything out there. This is the reason why women love guys who break the law, smoke, drink, motorcycles etc. and the reason why we love hearing about bank robbers, etc. It’s human nature, especially America to root for the bad guy. The bad guy usually ends up having a life that is warped and people like that.

    The Rock should only agree to be a villain. He is massive and would be intimidating as such. I like Black Adam and think he would be perfect. he needs to change gears and stop being the goody goody guy. Being the bad guy/vigilante is what made his wrestling career. He wasn’t believable or popular as the good wrestler, so he became The Rock, a bad guy and that was what made him known as the people’s champ. he needs to keep that formula.

  9. The Big Two don’t even have any ongoing villain books. People care more about villains in the context of their relationship to heroes.

    Why should The Rock play a supervillian? Not that he shouldn’t, but he’s played a hero most of his career.

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