Powerless, debuted last night, the first “Sit com” from the DC TV universe. It follows a bunch of product development types at Wayne Security, a Wayne Enterprises spinoff that is headquartered in the less exciting Charm City.

Vanessa Hudgens stars as a the new supervisor who must light a fire over a department that consists of Christina Kirk, Danny Pudi and Ron Funches. Alan Tudyk plays Denholm Reynholm Van Wayne, a cousin of Bruce and a narcissistic blowhard only interested int getting a job in Gotham.

So basically a mash-up of Damage Control, The IT Crowd, The Office and the non-costumed portions of any Greg Berlanti production.


The show has undergone MANY changes in development; in the original idea and the pilot shown at Comic-Con last year, the show was set at Retcon Insurance, a company tasked with paying for superhero damages (a situation covered in Dwayne McDuffie’s Marvel Comics series Damage Control.) But it turns out that insurance is awfully dull, so the new setting ties it right in to the superhero world. 

When Ben Queen initially created the DC Comics comedy, it centered on an insurance company in Charm City that helped normal people suffering fallout from superheroes fighting villains. But less than a month after Powerless’ first public screening, Queen exited the series. Patrick Schumacker and Justin Halpern became the new showrunners, and while Powerless remained a workplace comedy set in the superhero universe, everything else changed.

“Justin and I were brought on as five-day-a-week consulting producers on the original show, so we were there for pre-production when Ben Queen was running the show,” Schumacker tells THR. “This is when it was a world of insurance. We just hit a wall because nobody on the staff understood the world of insurance and at best, you’re telling stories where, if this team wins the day, it’s means like f-king somebody out of money. We were really hitting a wall and eventually when the turnover happened, we were asked to take over the show and we decided we wanted to do something that would more organically bring in the genre elements of it.”

I will say there were a lot of cute in-jokes, and the cast was exactly what you’d expect – Hudgens was spunky and adorable, Tudyk, Pudi, Kirk and Funches were very funny, despite a script that…when you get right down to it, was really sad and bleak. So many jokes about people dying in super villain attacks. The trailer and openings scene shows debris falling on crashing up shit and…listen, you don’t like your city being destroyed on a daily basis. That situation would lead to a dark, grim and gritty worldview indeed. But this is a peppy sitcom so…I don’t think you’ll need much space on your DVR to record the whole series, despite the strength of the cast.

ALL THAT ASIDE, the opening credits are amazing and wonderful. Just watch them embedded in the above tweet.



  1. 2 right we need some joy to distract for a moment from the ‘terroist supporting’ sjw crowd/media and their mcarthist witchunts.

  2. @trumpsupporterand proudofit

    BuhwaHA-Ha-HAA!-HA-HA!!! Damn, I thought my rants were bad,… They ‘are’, but ‘this about a show that has Ron Funches in it -RON FUNCHES…! You gotta smile just thinking about him -everything that guys been in is gold… “witchunts” : I bet your going to be OK either way its all about the asphalt, and the alienation -c’mon, alienate me, trumpsupporterand -I dont feel alienated enough yet ‘republican’. Yo, republican, or democrat, we are ‘Americans’=We do NOT matter. Go back to sitting in taffic, and keeping track of brand names at going on now $4.++. Did you buy Heavy Metal July 1990 yet, consumer? Ron Funches is a therapist, ya know? He can help us!!! HE CAN HELP US ALL.

    I am hate office comedies. Workaholics is fun… Powerless just seems cliche, the new girl in her first corporate job -why anyone would be proud to subject yourself to an office job these days is beyond me since there is no way to have long term savings, own anything that works and lasts, live around people that are not mean, everything is asphalt/traffic/junk food, so it is pathetic for them to expect people to buy into living in a city -even the new ‘hipster’ neighborhoods in NYC are not even ‘in the city’ as they are all up the Hudson river -Williamsburg is no more, unless you like condos made to be flipped instead of lived in and no parking, like most of this fake country…out source labor -at least half of that office in Powerless should be from India, and the remaining ‘Americans’ should be all obessing on who is ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’, and then they all hate on eachother being all office passive aggressie low, and lots of scenes of people stuck in traffic; Powerless.

  3. My guesses at the artists:

    Superman – Joe Shuster (Action Comics 1)

    Green Lantern – Gil Kane/Murphy Anderson, Green Lantern 25

    Batman – not sure. I’m leaning to JIm Aparo, but some of the faces look like John Byrne’s work. Can’t find that cover, if it is a cover, and not a splash page.

    Flash and Firestorm – George Perez, Flash 293

    Wonder Woman – George Perez again, Wonder Woman 24

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