Vault Comics has launched its annual autumnal horror imprint with The Plot #1, and the horror comic has already sold out at the distributor, triggering a second printing for the debut issue. To celebrate the success, fans can now look for a new Vault Vintage cover by Joshua Hixson and Tim Daniel set to hit shelves on October 30. The date also coincides with the series’ second issue release.

Co-written by Daniel (Fissure, Enormous) and Michael Moreci (Mall, Wasted Space)The Plot features art by Hixson(Shangai Red) and colors by Jordan Boyd. Rounding out the team is Jim Campbell on letters.

The story follows Chase Blaine as he becomes the legal guardian to his niece and nephew after his estranged brother and sister-in-law are brutally murdered. He barely knows the kids, and trying to make them feel comfortable after such a tragedy proves difficult. He decides to move them into the ancestral home of their family in Cape Augusta, an ominous structure that overlooks a deep, black bog. Little do they know, that bogland is teeming with family secrets that are now beginning to resurface, and their family may be in more danger than they realize.

Moreci says, “This is the most emotional book I’ve ever written. It’s everything I love dearly about horror, where the scares come from the characters and their intense personal journeys. This is horror you feel chilling your bones. It’s horror that lingers when you try to sleep at night.”

Hixson adds, “The best kind of horror confronts us with our buried secrets and darkest thoughts—all that we try to keep dormant. The Plot drags those to the surface and forces us to look. It’s everything I love about horror, and everything I love about drawing it.”

To preorder the second printing of The Plot #1 featuring the new cover, head over to your local comic shop and let them know you are interested. For more on the series, check out Vault’s website or order your copy online here.The Plot #1

The Plot #1