Bryce Gold

Bryce Gold is leaving his position at Kickstarter, he just tweeted.

Big news – I’ve decided to take on another role and will be leaving my current position as Kickstarter’s Head of Comics. Today is my last day! Shout-out to all of the creators who have brought the most interesting, beautiful, and radical comics to life on @kickstarter these last six months. I am so grateful to have been a part of your process <3

Although I am leaving Kickstarter, I will not be a stranger in the world of comics and look forward to sharing more soon 

Gold joined Kickstarter just back in May, so his tenure lasted barely eight months. He succeeded Oriana Leckert, who moved up to oversee the Publishing category at Kickstarter.

Based on past openings for this job, my email and DMs will soon be filled with applicants who want to know if there is a way to jump to the top of the list for what seems, to many, the apex decision maker job in comics. While it is just about the only tech job in comics, it is also not quite as expansive as many seem to think. It’s not like being an editor, but more like being a superpowered manager who helps with logistics and general promotion.That is….if Kickstarter hasn’t already filled the position…according to an email sent out by Gold to contacts and obtained by The Beat, Liz Mowe will be handling existing comics projects. According to her Linked In she’s a Kickstarter veteran, currently manager of outreach, and worked as film outreach in the past.  

Kickstarter is very transparent about the financials of campaigns, and has a whole stats page to play with. Updated constantly, it shows that the Comics category has THE HIGHEST category rate of any category, with 66.30% of campaigns funded.

Comics is in the middle of the pack for total dollars raised, however, with $236.04 million to date, compared to gaming’s $2.35 billion. It’s still increased year over year, setting records yearly. 

(The bottom of the barrel for success rates? The super competitive Tech category with 23.04% and the super non-competitive journalism with 23.43%.)

Comics are still one of the marquee categories at Kickstarter though and the platform remains a huge player in the crowdfunding arena – although its impact has slipped since a disastrous and poorly planned shift to Web3 a few years ago that was quietly abandoned after comics and game producers bailed for other platforms. 

Gold was formerly at Comixology as the head of Originals, and based on his tweets, he’ll be staying in the comics realm. But where? And is Mowe the comics outreach lead going forward or an interim caretaker?



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