Well, it was supposed to drop tomorrow, but after a mistaken early tweet by the Hellboy account this morning and subsequent distribution of that video, the powers that be decided to go ahead and release the trailer this afternoon. So here it is, your first look at the Hellboy reboot, directed by Neil Marshall and starring David Harbour:


The tone is a good deal brighter than I expected, and honestly seems rather in line with the previous series of films. But this may very well also be a case of the trailer being cut to line up more with the jovial approach of Guardians of the Galaxy (see: Suicide Squad‘s marketing) with the Billy Idol lending itself to more of a party-hearty vibe. More intriguing to me is how it handles the Darkness Calls/Wild Hunt material. We get a glimpse of the giants, and a few other creatures that align with some of the folkore that provides those stories’ respective backbones.

Also, I’m pretty sure I saw Hellboy falling out of Baba Yaga’s house at one point.

More to come, but sound off in the comments!


  1. I’m surprised. I’m not sure I like the look of the facial makeup. Looks kinda cheap in motion.

  2. No atmosphere, a jokey tone that is not Hellboy, none of the drama, pathos, and mythological grandeur that is Hellboy, and some of the strangest face makeup I’ve seen. Why? Is this trying to be a Marvel movie? Why not go with a gothic dark creepy Hellboy more about atmosphere than CGI punching? I won’t see that one.

  3. Oh… That was not what I was expecting. In a really bad way. It looks like it’s trying to be Kingsmen (right down to the horrible English stereotypes) with monsters in it.

    What a waste of some great actors, and the comics source material.

  4. So disappointing. Guessing after the failed DCEU movies that they’re avoiding Dark & Gritty – which is just wrong for Hellboy. Those DCEU movies were just bad storytelling, Hellboy needs darkness. It looks so light & fluffy. Makeup seems a bit off too. This is actually worse than that Star Trek trailer with ‘Sabotage’ in the soundtrack.

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