Faded Youth Blog Victoria Beckham And Her Boys Celebrate Brookyn S Birthday1-Copy
Victoria “Posh” Beckham leads youngest son Cruz off to a birthday party for big brother Brooklyn the other day.


  1. That is awesome! If you hate Posh Spice or her “football playing husband” you have to at least admit that their kid’s got style. The legacy of the Batman lives on…

  2. Doesn’t that look a mite like a BatWOMAN costume? I mean, I know Becks is a metrosexual icon, but isn’t passing that on to a toddler a bit much?

    (I know, I know – it’s probably a Batman Beyond costume)

  3. Q. What’s the difference between a Batman action figure, and Victoria Beckham?

    A. One is a skinny piece of plastic that young boys could play with for hours and hours, and the other is an action figure.