Dreamland 20080305
Animator/cartoonist Scott Christian Sava’s all-ages Blue Dream Studios is becoming an imprint of IDW. Among the titles they’ll publish, presumably, is The Dreamland Chronicles (above) a fantasy webcomic done in a colorful CGI style:

On the heels of such recent announcements as Sava’s THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES being awarded Best Graphic Novel of 2007 in CBR’s 25th Annual Fan Award reader and the recent Hollywood acquisition of PET ROBOTS (Disney) and Hyperactive (MTV), the IDW/Blue Dream partnership comes at a perfect time for both companies to utilize each others’ resources to expand Sava’s already burgeoning readership and to expand IDW’s place in the all-ages market.

“What a year!” said Sava. “I have to admit to being overwhelmed by the success we’ve seen in such a short time. But one year of success as an animation-company-turned-small-publisher is just a baby step. Ted was so generous with his time and insight. He knows what it takes to build a publishing company from scratch. Seeing him turn IDW into the publishing powerhouse it is today is awe-inspiring. Working with Ted and his company is a dream come true, and if THIS year has been good… I can’t WAIT to see what a year with IDW will hold.”

“I know Scott had offers from many publishers and I’m thrilled that he choose IDW as the home for Blue Dream Studios. I love the books he’s created and I look forward to helping him reach an even bigger audience,” Ted Adams, IDW Publishing’s President.

The award-winning and acclaimed online serialized story THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES, updated weekdays at www.thedreamlandchronicles.com, has reached over 4 million unique readers and thus far released two books collecting the ongoing epic of Alex and his friends’ adventures in Dreamland and the coming war with the Nightmare Realm. The third book in the six-book epic is expected later this year.

Other well received all-ages titles include PET ROBOTS and ED’S TERRESTRIALS and the forthcoming MY GRANDPARENTS ARE SECRET AGENTS, DINO WARS, HYPERACTIVE, and GARY THE PIRATE.