Marvel is priming another old favorite in the back of their early Avengers catalogue with a revival of the Korvac Saga. The comic is yet another tie-in to the upcoming Secret Wars event, the tale will serve as the home for the Guardians 3000 heroes who are serving under the titular character. Legacy Guardians author Dan Abnett is writing Korvac Saga #1 alongside artist Otto Schmidt. Korvac is a character with immense power that was originally unveiled in the Steve Gerber & Jim Starlin penned Giant-Size Defenders #3 from 1975. The story takes place on Battleworld, where all the characters from Marvel continuity are set to duke it out together during the upcoming crossover. Newsarama announced the news and featured the following quote from an interview with author Dan Abnett;

It’s that Korvac we’re dealing with: noble, determined, high-minded and essentially trying to rule fairly and justly, and look after this people. He’s not a bad guy. The Guardians are his police, his bodyguards, his retainers. They are loyal to him because they believe in him.

Abnett also revealed a lowdown on the various threats sprawling around the mini:

Apart from the opposition of Wonder Man and his Avengers? Which includes Captain Marvel, Jocasta, Black Panther, Hercules, the Vision, Moondragon, Yellowjacket and Black Widow? Apart from that? Well, the menace is a madness that is corrupting and transfiguring Korvac’s people, like a disease, but also a kind of ‘idea virus’. It is the gateway to some unthinkable ideas…

No release date has been announced for Korvac Saga #1.

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