Iraq TeaserYow, two great-sounding anthologies in one day? This one will be online, but covers a topic that has been, as yet, little covered by comics (or most of the media.) ACT-I-VATE announces THE IRAQ WAR STORIES ANTHOLOGY, edited by Nick Bertozzi:

Sundays on starting 5/10/09

“What’s happening over there?”

Nick Bertozzi has been teaching cartooning at The School of Visual Arts for six years. This past year he asked the students in his Comic Book Storytelling Workshop to adapt stories that took place in Iraq during the War. The majority of the stories were found on blogs, a few were adapted from stories told to the students by friends, and one student, himself a veteran of the Iraq War, wrote and drew a story based on his own experience.

The purpose of the anthology is not to wave a flag for the war or against it—though some of the stories certainly have a political bent—instead, the students were asked to write and draw stories that would give the reader a sense of how the War has effected individuals, both American and Iraqi.

ACT-I-VATE is a host for new online comics and is pleased to run this thought-provoking anthology on its site.

These stories are intended for educational purposes only. The artists receive no money from these stories. The points of view within do not represent those of The School of Visual Arts or ACT-I-VATE.

The thirteen stories will run one-a-week, beginning Sunday, May 10th.