A new anthology dealing with gender issues has been announced, and it’s called The Big Feminist BUT. It’s edited by Suzanne Kleid (The Believer Magazine), Joan Reilly (Deep Six Studio), and Shannon O’Leary (PET NOIR), and includes stories by Jeffrey Brown, Ayun Halliday (BUST Magazine), Julia Wertz and Dean Haspiel. It sounds pretty meaty:

Women can run for the highest offices in the land. BUT: turn the channel and we’re bombarded with Girls Gone Wild, Bridezillas, and Real Housewives. Women can have any career they want. BUT: they still have to do the bulk of the childrearing at home. We know what we’re supposed to do if a guy turns out to be “not that into you.” BUT: what if he is? Can an artsy urbanette still call herself a hipster if she secretly longs for a husband and a baby and a white picket fence? What do we really mean when we say things like “I’m not a feminist BUT…” or “Sure I’m a feminist! BUT NOT ONE OF THOSE…”? These days we are probably no closer to answering Freud’s age-old question, “What does a woman want?” BUT: we’ve fired up our laptops, sharpened our pencils, inked up our brushes, and we’re going to make some comics about it.

A single panel from Jeffrey Brown:


  1. Hi folks,
    There isn’t a release date as of yet–we’re still assembling the full list of contributors, and we’re hard at work looking for a publisher! Keep an eye on the BFB blog for updates and more info, sneak peeks at some of the stories, Q&As with contributors, and what have you. Stay tuned…!