Inhumans vs X-Men is a big event for Marvel that kicks off next month and leads into an initiative known as Resurrxion. IvX, as it’s known, could actually be retitled Marvel vs Fox, as ire over Fox owning the rights to the X-franchise has hed a certain management faction at Marvel to try to replace the mutants with the Inhumans, in hearts, minds, comics movies and even an upcoming TV show.

While the behind the scenes machinations of all this would make a great story, we do have three new Inhuman’s series just announced and they are….promising, from a creative standoint. Will retailers have any interest in them? That remains to be seen.

ANyway here’s what we know SO FAR:


The Royals by Al Ewing and Jonboy Meyers (Art above by Paul McCraffrey)

Due in April, this title finds the main Inhumans on a space mission!
The cast features classic, royal Inhumans Medusa, Black Bolt, Crystal, and Gorgon; newer “Nuhumans” Flint and Swain; and surprise addition Marvel Boy. The story sees the group returning to the Inhumans’ space roots as they travel to the remains of the Kree homeworld and beyond to discover the origin of Terrigenesis, the chemical process that gives Inhumans their powers.
Black Bolt by Saladin Ahmed and Christian Ward

The mostly silent team leader gets his FIRST EVER solo series from Hugo nominated Fantasy/SF novelist Saladin Ahmed and Ward (Ody-C). Ahmed seems to be well on board with this assignment:

And he’s a very compelling guy, because he can’t speak. He’s one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe, really. Although we rarely see his power unleashed. It’s not like the Hulk’s sort of massive beat downs on a regular basis… rarely does he get his powers demonstrated. Nobody knows quite how powerful he is. Which intrigues people. But has not really been explored deeply. Part of his story is that he’s always—him and the Inhumans are a real family. And he always has people speaking for him and, you know, we never get deep into his head. That was kind of one of the challenges of working on a solo title.

Via io9



Secret Warriors by Matthew Rosenberg and Javier Garron

The younguns get their own adventure in a team that includes leader Quake/Daisy Johnson, Ms. Marvel, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Inferno and Karnak. Quake in case you aren’t up to speed on this, is a main character on the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  tv show, so you see how the MTVU is key to this whole Inhuman’s push.

Matthew Rosenberg: I’m a huge fan of Jonathan Hickman’s “Secret Warriors.” It is one of my favorite Marvel books of the last decade. And as tempting as it would be to just rip that book off and try to remake it, I am pretty sure nobody, including me, really wants that.

What we have with our “Secret Warriors” is a book that is sort of hard to define. Wil Moss and Charles Beacham (my editors), and I actually kicked around a few different names for the series. I wanted to call it the “All-Winners Squad” for a bit. It is really hard to name a series it turns out. But a lot of the intangible stuff that made the original “Secret Warriors” what it was also finds its way into our book. This is sort of Quake’s team, there is a bigger fight than they can fully see or be a part of, it’s clandestine and full of intrigue. It’s high stakes, who do you trust, behind the curtain stuff. In terms of tone, I think Hickman’s would be beyond hard to replicate, but there will be pieces of it.


Will any of these books do well or just be more of the “throw it against the wall”barrage of new titles that Marvel has been putting out of late? My guess: a new generation of creators gets enough of a fan base to eventually be stars on their own. But it takes a while.

I’ll have more when I’m not being sent into a reverie by pie baking smells.



  1. The release of Inhuman titles will continue until readers understand that they are suppose to buy these titles in vast numbers.

  2. Considering that there wasn’t a great demand for the Inhuman titles Marvel had pre-IvX (Ms Marvel excepted, of course), this seems optimistic. But, at the same time, I guess you can’t build a brand if you don’t publish it. *shrug*

  3. It may be worth noting the change that Marvel’s attempt to push the Inhuman brand/concept/characters no longer seems to include any series with the word “Inhuman” in the title.

  4. I find it curious that they made a big announcement over a month ago about a bunch of new X-Men titles that are going to return them to their glory days, but no artwork was shown and no information was provided about creative teams at the time, and to this day, there have still been no details revealed beyond titles.

    Now here are announcements about new Inhumans titles, complete with artwork and creative teams, right after a big media fuss was made about an Inhumans TV event. What a coinkydink!

  5. Ahmed an Ewing that’s me out then on those 2 books.
    Secret warriors another non progressive/diverse book failing to represent significant sectors of society

    Most of marvels books these days seemed aimed at pre teen female/gay markets.

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