Long having been set on the back-burner in Marvel’s Phase 3 plans, the other shoe has finally dropped on The Inhumans, a project that was originally announced as a film but will now instead debut on ABC as a television series, Marvel announced today.

The series will premiere in September of next year on the network, but the first two episodes – produced in conjunction with ABC Studios and IMAX – be shown exclusively on IMAX screens for two weeks at the beginning of that month. Both episodes will be shot entirely with IMAX cameras.

Marvel’s The Inhumans will focus directly on the adventures of Black Bolt and the royal family. How this impacts Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., if at all, remains to be seen.

Some of the big players were quoted as part of the announcement:

“This unprecedented alliance represents a bold, innovative approach to launching great TV content for a worldwide audience,” said Ben Sherwood, co-chairman, Disney Media Networks and president, Disney|ABC Television Group. “It highlights Disney|ABC’s unrelenting commitment to finding new and creative ways to showcasing our very best programming and increasing global engagement and reach.”

“This first-of-its-kind multi-platform production, distribution and marketing agreement brings together Marvel Television’s unique brand of entertainment, ABC’s unparalleled audience and IMAX’s brand and global fanboy demographic,” said IMAX CEO, Rich Gelfond. “It also takes our decades-long relationship with The Walt Disney Company to a whole new level, jointly breaking new ground in the industry. We are confident our exhibition partners will be excited to work with us on this innovative launch of a series across the IMAX network.”

“We’re happy to see this unique deal come together, working with our partners,” said Dan Buckley, President, Marvel Television, Publishing & Brand. “In an ever-changing world of distribution and consumption, it’s very exciting to be part of a groundbreaking initiative that takes us to the forefront of this evolution.”

This marks the first time that IMAX has acted as a financier in a TV pilot and series, and opens up a brave new world for the theatrical giant.

As The Inhumans will be under Marvel Television’s purview, and given how well reported the split between Marvel Television and Marvel Studios has been, it makes one wonder how Kevin Feige’s big screen Phase 4 will take shape.




    Kevin Feige doesn’t report to Ike Perlmutter anymore, so now there are two camps: The Feige-led films that are overseen by Alan Horn at Disney and the Loeb-led Marvel Television efforts (ABC, Netflix, etc) overseen by Perlmutter. Creatively, there isn’t much (or any) stream crossing anymore, and I doubt you’ll ever see the films acknowledge the stuff happening on tv. They’re still in the same universe, but only the tv shows reflect that.

  2. The time to give up on the Inhumans movie was when they backburnered it ages ago, unfortunately. I’d have preferred a movie but I’ll take a show if that’s all I can get. Here’s hoping it gets the budget it needs to be great, because whatever they’re spending on the ABC and Netflix shows isn’t enough to do Medusa and Blackbolt justice.

  3. I’m excited! I think they made a mistake with what they were doing on SHIELD . They need to make it like Games of Thrones mashed up with Mad Men.

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