The Incal by writer Alejandro Jodorowsky and artist Mœbius is getting a special 40th anniversary edition trade paperback from publisher Humanoids.

The new trade paperback edition collects the entire story into one volume and features a foreward by writer Brian Michael Bendis. The book is available now at a price point of $29.99. To commemorate the book, today The Beat has some exclusive blurbs about The Incal from some prominent creators.

You can find those below, along with an excerpt from the book…enjoy!

“The Incal is a powerful weapon of art and imagination. I was 13 when I read The Incal for the first time, and it blew my mind. Literally. I’m 42 today, and I think that I have read that book almost 20 times during that period. Every single time that I read it, the book blows my mind again. Reading The Incal is like looking into the face of God.” –David Rubin (Black Hammer, Ether, Rumble)

“I remember exactly where I was, who I was with, as a teenager, the day I opened the magazine Métal Hurlant and came upon the first pages of The Incal. Mœbius was already a god amongst us French comics geeks, but this blew everyone away. Comics just wouldn’t be the same ever again. When it came time to launch our own 5 Worlds series, our team dreamed of a super immersive and addictive space opera like that. And book one has a whopping Easter egg just for Incal lovers.” –Mark Siegel (5 Worlds, Sailor Twain)

“Mœbius left nothing to the imagination; his vision was always so perfectly thorough and whole. The way he built worlds down to the finest detail—the patterns on a pillow, the texture of rot in a sewer piece, the jowls on a character’s face—has left a lasting impression on me as an artist. To be able to hold such expansive worlds in his mind’s eye is something I can only continue to dream about doing. John DiFool plummeting down a vertical cosmopolis is how I feel when I read Mœbius’ work: in a dreamy free fall, images of real and imagined lives rushing past me.” -Sloane Leong (A Map to the Sun, Prism Stalker)

“The Incal is one of those once-in-a-generation touchstones that you can keep coming back to. I first read this when I was a teenager — before the idea of making comics was even in the back of my mind. I just loved comics. I’d grown up on Marvel and DC and reading this for the first time – I had no idea what it was or where it came from. It was like nothing else. Then later – in college – I became aware of Moebius and Jodorowsky – and revisited The Incal again – with new appreciation and greater context – and got even more out of it. And now — as a working professional for 20 years – The Incal still inspires. It takes standard genre tropes – a detective – and then spins it out into something that can’t be really defined – using a familiar trope to draw you in – but that’s just the lure – once you’re in – it expands into something that cosmic odyssey that – as a creator – just reinforces what is so great about comics – you can do anything – limited only by your imagination. And The Incal has absolutely no limits.” -Matt Kindt (Dept. H, BANG!)

The Incal

The Incal

The Incal