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Valiant is kicking off their 2021 with a reboot of Harbinger, one of their core titles, planned for release next summer. With a new title, The Harbinger, the book features writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly  (Green ArrowGotham City Garage) and artist Robbi Rodriguez (Spider-GwenBatgirl).

The story follows Peter Stanchek, the Harbinger of the title, who can unlock powers in others. It’s described as a character-driven story following Stanchek’s journey from feared superbeing to protector.

“Like many of us, Peter has made mistakes. People have been hurt. We have no interest in ignoring that part of the character’s history,” says Kelly. “By acknowledging those mistakes and taking responsibility for them, Peter will become the person — and the hero — he has always had the potential to be. Peter Stanchek will be more than a hero; he will be a harbinger for the world we want to see.”

“THE HARBINGER is the next big step forward in the Valiant Universe and Peter Stanchek’s promised rebirth as a hero, a leader, and a revolutionary,” said Lanzing. “It’s unapologetic in its politics, diverse in its cast, and intimate in its drama. Collin and I love to tell stories that balance character deconstruction and social analysis, and there’s no one in comics who needs a little deconstruction and social awareness more than Peter.”

Rodriguez adds, “When Collin, Jackson, and I first started mapping out this project, we weren’t expecting the themes we are tackling to be as relevant in our own lives as they have become. As we see everyone facing more each day, people can feel a change is coming. It makes it all the more fitting that it’s called ‘Harbinger,’ the herald of change.”

Valiant has been a little quiet lately but they are moving forward with 2021, and Harbinger is still in development as a film at Paramount.

There’s more at The Hollywood Reporter, but in the meantime, here’s a peek at the art. The colorist and letterer will be named later.


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