A few years ago we pointed you at a 1950 Life Magazine spread that included various NCS cartoonists happily scribbling on swimwear covered models. Well, in the spirit of that shoot, but also to show how times have changed in 61 years, the Sequential Arts Workshop — the cartooning school founded by Tom Hart and Leela Corman — has updated these images with Ball Point Boxers which finds cartoonists Sara Varon, Leela Corman, Joan Reilly, Emily Flake, Hilary Allison and Jungyeon Roh recreating the stunt, this time with male boxers from Gleason’s Gym. Photographer Margarita Volfson was called in to record the proceedings and history was made…or remade.



  1. Great. Now need a bunch of african american female cartoonists to draw on some white dudes in 61 years to balance this out.