Based on this photo of artist Jamal Igle explaining the whole “Superman renounces his citizenship” story from ACTION COMICS #900 to him, his feelings are mixed.


  1. Brandon Routh got a raw deal out of SUPERMAN RETURNS, if you ask me. A totally nuts script, all kinds of problems with that film, but I think he’s good and could have been really, really good under different circumstances.

    And frankly, though I know it’s the minority opinion, I really liked the adjustments to the costume design. It’s a shame it wasn’t a better movie.

  2. Chris, the man did a Dylan Dog movie as well as completely going nuts during the press junket for Superman Returns when he had heard the movie studio had then picked up the rights to World of Warcraft as a franchise and he wanted in badly cause he was a regular player.

    Routh is definitely one of us. Which is why Singer got all the blame for Superman Returns and Routh walked away unscathed from fandom. Because we knew he got it and tried his best.

  3. This is a pic from this years Superman Celebration held in Metropolis, IL.

    And we need a picture of Jamal when he talks about DC’s Flashboot. Seems he still has 6 months on his exclusive deal with DC, but he wasn’t brought onto any of the new books.

    P.S. Behind them is the werewolf from Being Human and Black Canary from Smallville

  4. “Brandon Routh got a raw deal out of SUPERMAN RETURNS . . . ”

    That’s for sure. In pre-movie interviews, Routh came across very likable and aw-shucks and Superman-like. His personality seemed exactly right for the character — and then there was zero trace of that personality in the movie.