On his blog, GOON creator Eric Powell makes a simple announcement:

THEGOON.COM is proud to announce that THE GOON has been optioned by acclaimed director and producer DAVID FINCHER and Academy-Award nominated BLUR STUDIO to develop as a CG animated feature film with Dark Horse Entertainment.

The Hollywood Reporter has a bit more:

No studio is yet attached, and deals are being negotiated. Dark Horse, which has a first-look deal with Universal, is aiming to develop the project in-house before setting it up.

Blur is best known for its shorts, including the Academy Award-nominated “Gopher Broke,” as well as its work in commercials and special effects. “Goon” be the company’s first feature.

After the success of SIN CITY and HELLBOY, this would seem a natural.


  1. Personally, I would’ve liked to see the big screen debut as a live action. But they probably couldn’t get a studio to commit big money to it. :(

    I still hope it’s good though! :)

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