Lets and lots of feedback on the Kodansha bombshell out there. Dallas Middaugh confirms its not curtains for Del Rey manga:

Well, it’s business as usual at Del Rey Manga. We’re continuing to license manga from Kodansha, and as has been stated elsewhere, we’ve just about wrapped up our licenses for 2009 and are now starting to work on 2010. In a few weeks at the San Diego Comic-Con we’ll be announcing some of those new licenses, and we’ve got some really exciting new manga series planned. Then we’ll have a few more announcements at the New York Anime Festival in September… pretty much like we’ve always done. Also, we will continue to publish all of our manga. Kodansha has not pulled any licenses back from us.

Brigid rounds up links and info. As does David Welsh and Simon Jones.

Matt Blind apologizes for his unbelief, while Johanna wonders if manga pricing will change.