Funko has mined just about every pop culture reference possible with their insanely popular POP line, but they can still mine a few gems – like  Gargoyles, a cult animated show from the 90s that took the Disney Afternoon in a very adult direction. The story featured an incredibly well-developed supernatural world superimposed on contemporary New York, with maybe a little doomed interspecies romance mixed in. The Gargoyles were a race of creatures that turned to stone during the day. Goliath was their noble leader, and Demona was his ex lover and arch-enemy, with human New NYC cop Eliza Maza helping the Gargoyles with their many battles and maybe falling for Goliath.

After a three year run the series ended – although it stayed alive in fanfic and was occasionally revived in the comics. But Funko can’t let a scrap of IP go by without some pops and Keychains! Between Funko’s Disney Afternoon Action Figures  last fall, it’s quite a time to be alive for 90’s cartoon fans. The Wyvern Clan coming in July!


Pop! Keychains: Disney – Gargoyles

Look for Goliath and Demona now featured as Pop! Keychains!

Look for a stone version of Demona at Hot Topic!

Pop! Disney: Gargoyles

Add the leader of the Wyvern Clan Goliath, the rookery brothers
Lexington, Brooklyn and Broadway, the immortal gargoyle Demona, and the gargoyle
beast Bronx to your Pop! collection!

Look for a stone Pop! 2-pack of Hudson
and Bronx at FYE!

Stone Demona can be found at Hot Topic!

Look for stone Goliath at Target!

I know some people who will be very happy with these!




  1. 389 Goliath
    390 Demona
    391 ???/Hudson
    392 Brooklyn
    393 Broadway
    394 Bronx
    395 ???/Hudson
    396 Lexington

    Since they didn’t show Hudson’s box with his number and there are gaps, onecan assume that there are 2 figures missing. I’m gonna need Elisa, Angela and Xanatos to complete this set please.

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