In a pretty canny (or maybe catty) move, Warner Bros. gave junket press the go-ahead to drop their Shazam! “social media sentiment” or whatever the buzz word is the PR folks use, and it just happened to fall as the first audiences to catch Captain Marvel were exiting their showings.

But despite the real world implications of WB throwing some shade from the superhero formerly known as Captain Marvel, the reactions are universally positive – as in so positive people are calling it the best DC Films/DCEU/DC Movieverse movie to date…let’s take a look:


Pretty terrific start, and with the studio putting on screenings a month ahead of release (there was a public screening last night, and more coming in the next few weeks), that’s a real show of confidence. But…as with all junket press reactions, I have to throw a tad bit of cold water:



  1. Making Shazam simply Billy Batson in an adult body is a complete betrayal by Geoff Johns (and by Roy Thomas who did this in the first place) of what made the original Captain Marvel great. These are two separate persons !!!!! And one of them has the wisdom of Solomon, so he is definitely not the idiotic oaf that the trailers are presenting.

  2. And you were wrong in your assessment of “Aquaman”, so I expect when your inevitable bad review of “Shazam” is posted, you’ll be wrong there, too. All that teaches me is to not listen to your opinion. ;)

  3. @JC Lebourdais – I definitely understand where you are coming from, but I think I resolved in my mind a long time ago that boy-in-man’s-body was another way to differentiate the character from Superman in the minds of people not interested in nuance. The same goes for his increased “lightning” powers.

  4. Thanks for sharing the range of reviews. Much better than a single reviewer to make a decision. You guys should do this for every movie.

    JC, cool you care so much but if you don’t like the idea of the movie, don’t see it. Don’t fall into the trap of being unwilling to change.

  5. You could have Solomon whispering his wisdom in your ear. That doesn’t mean you understand what it means or how to act on it, or that you’ll even want to.

  6. “you were wrong in your assessment of “Aquaman””

    Hey everyone, Matthew says there are right opinions and wrong opinions.

  7. Looking forward to this. I’m not a fan of the current run of Shazam! comics, but the Shazam-saying Captain Marvel is one of my top 5 superheroes.

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