It’s crazy to imagine, but the largely successful Marvel and Netflix partnership only began two years ago. We’ve been talking about its respective series for so long, it feels far longer…but no, Daredevil first popped up on our screens in 2015 and from there we’ve gotten live action versions of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist – to varying levels of success.

And now, they all come together to fight Sigourney Weaver, a superhero all her own really, in the upcoming Defenders event, hitting Netflix on August 18th. Here is the first full trailer to give you an idea of what to expect:

I’m here for Jessica Jones mostly, to be quite honest, but as it’s a shorter series, it may be able to avoid the pratfalls of quite a few of the previous efforts. Here’s hoping!


  1. Okay, I admit I was on the fence with my opinion… this is until that last line, when J.Jones says, “Classy” in reply to D.Rand’s “Whatever you are”. Priceless! Seriously? Right up there with Thor’s “We know each other from work”! This could good! *fingers crossed*

  2. No Daredevil costume Hmmm.
    Well, zero costume actually. Me no likee.
    Does it make any difference that this actually takes place in the Marvel universe or not?

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