We’re less than 2 months away from the release of Logan, the first big superhero film of 2017, the return of James Mangold to the X-Men franchise, and what is likely the final appearance of Hugh Jackman as the character that cemented his stardom.

In this final trailer, we get a chance to see more of Laura Kinney, the enigmatic young girl that has appeared in previous marketing for the film, but this time…it’s fairly clear that all our questions about her are likely answered.

Spoilers in the video ahead for those that want to go in cold:

Logan hits theaters on March 3rd.


  1. Hey, sorry if this is not directly related, but should’t Fox cast HENRY ROLLINS as Cable?
    Cmon now… I dont give a sh!+ to be honest, I quit New Mutants by issue 50 or so it had been all bland lame… Cable and Deadpool when they first came out where just hack jobs; just another 90s over saturation of the mutant brand, but whatever,.., sure, he’ ‘from the future’ n sh!+, so 90s cheese is coming back… ‘yaaay’…speculation era returns over priced variant alternative covers and more crap that ultimately is used to fill $1 bins. -like think of all the money spent on comics from 1986 – `1999 just before Jemas/Quesada’s NuMarvel… There is no way the money you spent on a few titles a week would match the value of Cable and Deadpolls first appearance, based on how you see the condidtion of most 90s comics today in all those 50cent and dollar bins… That aside :-) This trailer for Logan rocks, and Henry Rollins should be Cable -start the kick starter support site for Henry R please.. ‘uh huh…

  2. Henry Rollins is now playing Cable.

    Thank you, Aaron Browne, for your advice posting comments online, which ultimately signifcantly influenced my executive decision making for a film franchise we have licensed out to Fox. Gianopulos says mind your own business you troll, but also that, and I quote “he’ is awesome and rocks the hiz-ous…What a fu(^ sweet guy he is giving us such a valuable idea,…Let’s do it!”..

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