2012 is not only set to be the end of the world, but perhaps the greatest box office showdown in modern times as THE AVENGERS and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES are both coming out…both movies have a chance at rewriting box office history. THE DARK KNIGHT is already #2 on the all-time list and has now won the first battle: the new trailer was downloaded 12.5 million times in its first 24 hours on iTunes, breaking the record of 10 million downloads set in October by THE AVENGERS. Maybe they were just doing it to figure out what Bane was saying — but no matter what, it’s impressive.

What do you think? Which movie has YOU ruining a perfect good pair of jorts?


  1. I am very excited to see both movies but The Avengers movie is tops for me. However without a doubt in my mind, Dark Knight Rises will make a lot more at the box office. I wouldn’t be surprised if it made 100 million more than The Avengers will.

  2. Avengers, just for the fact that it’s not desperately trying to divorce itself from the comic world in which it comes from.

  3. Dark Knight Rises looks like it’s taking itself way too seriously, while The Avengers looks like it’s not taking itself seriously enough.

    As an aside, I’m rather disturbed that enjoying something has apparently become synonymous with soiling oneself.

  4. Huh. Normally I dislike it when the movie tries to divorce itself from the comic source material, but I like Dark Knight Rises.

    Then again, I think it’s moreso Nolan is very selective in cherry picking only certain bits of Batman comics to work into his three film narrative. When you get hundreds of issues of Batman comics a year lately and the character has been around three quarters of a century, that’s one hell of a diverse story to pick from. So with Nolan picking up hints of Long Halloween, random Legends of the Dark Knight and even freaking Dark Knight Returns and putting it into a trilogy? Yeah. Not everyone’s gonna get their favorite Batman story told.

    Then again look at all the people complaining that Spider-man needed Venom in his films. We saw how well that worked. Not that a Spidey vs Venom movie couldn’t work, but be careful what you wish for.

    Meanwhile, I am looking forward to both Avengers and Nolan’s third Batman. Hell, I wish Warners had its act together to do something like Avengers with the Justice League. Hell, I wish Warners could do anything with someone other than Batman. Man of Steel.. who the hell knows. How many times can they get Superman wrong? Third time’s the charm? (Counting the never made Burton one? maybe third and a half with the Abrams one?)

    Oh and I’m even looking forward to Amazing Spider-man despite the kinda crappy CGI Mirror’s Edge first person scene. Finally we get Peter and Gwen instead of.. whatever the hell Dunst was supposed to be.

  5. Jorts, huh?

    Back in my college days, we called them “cut-offs,” because no one would actually buy jeans that were manufactured as shorts. You bought regular jeans and then cut the legs off.

    I remember a certain Daily Texan editor who had cut-offs cut so short it was hard not to see her panties peeking out from underneath. Fortunately she had the gams to get away with that. Ah, good times.