Surprise!  In an announcement at CBR yesterday that flew way under the radar, it was announced The Comics Journal is returning to print.

TCJ stopped operating as a magazine back in 2011, but it’s coming back with issue #303 in January.  RJ Casey and Kristy Valenti will be editing.  Gary Groth will be doing his signature interviews.  Fantagraphics is planning on publishing two issues per year, with #304 scheduled for June 2019. will continue to operate as normal, separately from the print edition.



  1. TCJ really should be published at least six times per year and have huge NewsWatch and Blood & Thunder sections.

    And, oh, geez, I just realized that this means that I have to dig into my large to-read stack (more like to-read boxes, ’cause there’s about 8 of them) and finally read #302. Those two doorstop issues, #301 and 302, weren’t exactly encouraging me to read them.

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