O’Neil and Adams clicked as few creative teams ever have.

As you might expect the entire world of comics has paused to remember the legacy of Denny O’Neil, as a writer, editor and friend. O’Neil passed away on June 11th, and since then there have been many heartfelt tributes, and we’ve tried to capture as many as possible:






And that story: Bruce Wayne on Drugs: One of the Best Batman Stories Ever






A longer tribute from Neal Adams

A tribute from Jim McLauchlin

And from a FB comment by Chris Claremont, a tribute to O’Neil the editor.

Herein lies one of the happiest times of my creative non-X life at Marvel, working with an artist whose work was an ideal sync of character-storytelling-personality (oh yes, & humor!) under the watchful eyes of an editor par excellence. The thing about Deny was, like Stan & Roy, you couldn’t argue with him on writing or story-telling grounds, because he (likely) did it way better than you. The trick here was to pay-attention, swallow your ego, listen & learn. He didn’t speak much but when he did, it mattered. More than that, though, was his ability to trust his creators to let them work together—and if the final product wasn’t quite the way he’d have done the story, or the story he’d have written, that was okay with him. His way wasn’t the only way; what mattered was that it be good. He was a grown-up. Not many of that kind of ability in this industry, then or now. Thank you for setting standards, my friend, as editor, as writer, as person. That’s a helluva level to match. May your successors accept it with both joy & determination to make you proud.