By Ali Colluccio

hours to flight: 32 (minus at least 8 hours of work and like 10 for sleeping (2 nights))
hours of work-work to do before I leave: 12
pre-con to do list items: 17
number of scotches consumed: 3 (v. bad)

Must stop procrastinating. Am v. organized and professional comics blogger. Will embrace inner Lois Lane and write next SDCC Diary. Ooh! Must find cute Lois Lane picture to post with Diary. No! Will not fall into Tumblr blog rabbit hole! Am serious journalist!


Hurm… what would Lois do? Pensively chew on a the end of a pen? Scribble something in her trusty notebook? That’s it! Lists! She’d make a super awesome list to get her shit together!

Here’s goes…

Stuff I have to get done either before I get on the plane or before I walk onto the convention floor:

Pick up laundry.
Find backpack.
Find red ribbon and maybe grommets for cute dress that doesn’t quite fit.
Move haircut appointment back like a half hour (if possible).
Get nails done.
Write SDCC Diaries for The Beat.
Write Desperately Seeking article for iFanboy.
Confirm hotel room (one more time).
Confirm flights.
Go to the bank.
Pay cable bill.
Pick up dry food for the WonderCat.
Go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
Record Out-of-Office message for work phone.
Call Mom.
Take Airborne.
Get some extra sleep.

Stuff I need to/want to do while in San Diego in addition to the panel coverage I’m there to do:

Go to Oh You Sexy Geek panel.
Go to Women of Marvel panel.
Go to Archaia Early Works of Jim Henson panel.
Go to Torchwood panel.
Go to Star Wars Crafts panel.
Go to The 6th Annual Comics Podcasting All-Stars panel.
Go to the Random House booth for UNTERZAKHN panties (literally, “Underthings” underthings – how cool it that! plus, you know, extra undies are always a good thing).
Go to the Marvel booth for Stan Lee Q&A with Mike Romo (this will probably be the most awesome thing at the con).
Go to the Archaia booth for Karen Prell signing (more importantly, DO NOT FAINT WHEN MEETING RED FRAGGLE!!)
Start Lois Lane sketch book (?) – or Wally West… or Stephanie Brown Batgirl…
PICK a sketch book idea.
Do NOT lose cell phone.
Write SDCC Diaries for The Beat.
Ask for a commission from Katie Cook of the WonderCat as Wonder Woman (if she’s doing them).
Build up courage to actually talk to comic creators without sounding like Chris Farley.
Hug Thomas Jane.
Hang out with awesome Twitter people at fancy party.
Pick up CASTLE comic stuff for roommate.
Pick up Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab con exclusive for friend.
Go see Hall H just so you can say you survived.
Take Airborne.
Go to the beach and bring home some Pacific Ocean.
Eat good tacos.
Go to The Zoo.
Do not get sick.

So yeah… that should be totally manageable, right?