In 1999, would anyone even know what the title of this blog post meant?

Like many of my fellow bloggers, The Beat finds August is a slow time when vacations are more easily managed. So frankly, for the next week, we’re doggin’ it. After Labor Day things begin to hurtle along again, with the Brooklyn Book Festival, New York Anime Fest, the British International Comics Expo, Baltimore Comic-Con, the Diamond Retailers Summit, the Long Beach Comic-Con, APEBig Apple Con, and the just announced Brooklyn KingCon. And then it’s the Holidays and…well, frankly, the next time we’re going to have any free time is August 2010.

We’re taking the next week to catch up, deal with our email crisis (no, Google, when you have over 7000 mb of storage, you DO need to delete), upgrade the sidebar, weed out our RSS feeds, organize our address book, and, if all goes as planned, work on a few stories that require a bit more time. And also, maybe, regroup a bit to face the future.

If there are any big breaking stories, they’ll be up here; so keep those emails and new tips coming. We read ’em all and need even more of them. And if you have a vacation planned yourself…enjoy! You’ve earned it!


  1. “So as long as something weird doesn’t happen, like Disney buying Marvel, things should be quiet here. ”

    Heh – you beat me to it…

  2. At least they had the courtesy of waiting for a slow week. Imagine if this had broke during ComicCon? ;)

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