You know how it is, you’re a little tuckered out from smashing dragon turtles with your +45 Clout Mace, whilst wearing your Imbued Plate Greaves and need a pick me up. Shall it be mead…or MOUNTAIN DEW? As all true nerds know, the almost-popless, caffeine and sugar packed drink of champions has the real life effects effect of a mana potion.

We’ve often noted our love of Code Red, the gamers/hackers version of Mountain Dew, which is even more powerful and frightening. Only the fact that it makes our eyeballs feel like they are covered with tiny gnats made us stop drinking it a while ago.

However, we may feel the need to explore further Dew varietals. Two special limited edition drinks that tie in with the World of Warcraft have been released: Alliance Blue (Mountain Dew with a punch of wild fruit flavor), or Horde Red (Mountain Dew with a blast of citrus cherry flavor).

We’re not sure what “wild fruit” flavor is, but it may be the elusive “blue” taste we’ve been searching for since Pepsi Blue went down the drain. We await product samples to conduct out own highly supervised experiments.

Apparently there’s a whole big Mountain Dew/World of Warcraft promotion going on, which you can learn about here. There are contests, freebies, and so on. What would E. Gary Gygax think of this?


  1. If you rotate the “Dew” on the logo, it reads “maD”, which would be a cool name.

    I think that Pepsi is just re-branding the previous orange and blue flavors. The blue… it tasted like Gummi Bears. The Black was black cherry. The Blue featured above supposedly is similar to the Taco Bell “Baja Blast” varietal. Wikipedia has a good overview.

    I prefer Diet Sunkist, since flavored Dew diet varietals are hard to find. Caffeine junkies take note: most soda bottlers now list the caffeine content below the ingredients, using the stupid “mg/fl. oz.” measurement. (But not as stupid as “Caffeine Free Diet Mountain Dew”.)