Among the many historic events at yesterday’s presidential inauguration, Sen. Bernie Sanders made history for dressing appropriately for a cold winter day that included intermittent snow flurries. As a pragmatic Vermonter, as well as a man with no time for flourishes, Sanders’ attire of a well worn parka and eco-mittens immediately became one of 2021’s most iconic images…and a chance to smile at goings-on at the Capitol for a change.

While he didn’t quite upstage the new president and vice president…he certainly added to the flair. And the memes just kept coming. It turns out you can insert a grumpy Bernie into any setting and it is instantly made better. There were hundreds, and everyone has a different favorite, but we’re partial to the nerdy ones. So here is our very own curated list of Bernie Sanders memes.

Jake Tapper singled out whoever had the fast drawing skills to add Bernie to a classic JSA cover (EDIT: Mark Farinas is the artist):

(Tapper’s other favorite inserted Bernie into the famed Yalta Pact summit.)

This one was my favorite – words and pictures working together.

Of course, Bernie found his way to many Star Wars situations but this felt the most appropriate.

Public transportation was another popular theme.

Director Rian Johnson got in on the game, as many joked about Bernie’s manila envelope.

And several artists were quick on the draw with their own takes.


This is but a small sampling of the crowdsourced photoshopping that captivated the nation yesterday. It is probably time to give it a rest but don’t worry; in a few months, someone will bring it up for a callback that will be even more hilarious. Thank you, Senator Sanders, for your bold, inspiring vision for this country and your spectacular mittens.


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