By: Nicholas Eskey

Welcome back boys and girls to another exciting installment of the Beat’s Weekly Toy Review/Preview! Since there is just too many toys out there to wrangle into one medium sized post, I’ve chosen only those that either have been newly released or newly announced, and of course have caught my eye.

So we don’t leave you too much longer in splendid anticipation; here are the toys:

We are all quite familiar with vinyl figures by now, whether you collect them religiously or happen across one of your favorite characters. Funko’s POP! vinyl toy line features many different faces from many different properties, ensuring everything from popular culture is available to their fans.

The month of June will be a big month for POP! vinyl collectors. For those that want to paint with the many colors of the wind, the POP! Disney: Pocahontas figure will be the perfect companion, not to mention her furry, biscuit eating, little friend Meeko. Fans of more “adult humor” will enjoy these Bob’s Burgers inspired figures. Now you can call as your own Beefsquatch, Teddy, or even the rebellious Buttloose Tina who gives no cares. Or if it’s the world of magic that interests you, then watch out muggles for these Harry Potter inspired Hogwarts Express POP! Ride Series figurines, where you’ll find three of the wizarding world’s finest: Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, and Hermoine Granger. Each of these Horcrux hunting heroes come accompanied by a piece of the Hogwarts Express. All these vinyls will be out in June of this year.

Funko's POP! Disney: Pocahontas
Funko’s POP! Disney: Pocahontas
Funko's POP! Disney: Meeko
Funko’s POP! Disney: Meeko
Funko's Pop! Bob's Burgers: Beefsquatch
Funko’s Pop! Bob’s Burgers: Beefsquatch
Funko's Pop! Bob's Burgers: Teddy
Funko’s Pop! Bob’s Burgers: Teddy
Funko's Pop! Bob's Burgers: Buttloose Tina
Funko’s Pop! Bob’s Burgers: Buttloose Tina
Funko's POP! Ride Series: Harry Potter
Funko’s POP! Ride Series: Harry Potter
Funko's POP! Rides Series: Ron Weasley
Funko’s POP! Rides Series: Ron Weasley
Funko's POP! Ride Series: Hermione Granger
Funko’s POP! Ride Series: Hermoine Granger

To finish this off, we have an exciting announcement in the way of Marvel. To celebrate the release of Captain America: Civil War, we will be seeing the 2nd Wave of Marvel’s Legends series action figures produced by Hasbro. The release of these 6-inch figures will feature the likes of Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panter, as well as Nick Fury, Nuke, and Red Guardian. As an added bonus, those that collect all six will be to put together a Build-A-Figure of Giant Man! All six will be available sometime this upcoming summer for the retail price of $19.99 each.

Build-A-Figure: Giant Man
Build-A-Figure: Giant Man

For the next installment, we will have a special treat: March 25th to the 27th will be Wonder-Con in its new location of Los Angeles, which means there will be loads of interesting toys to explore and report on.

Stay tuned for the next installment boys and girls!