An anxious world was frothed into a lather this week speculating that an LA screening of Avengers: Infinity War with a Q&A with the Russo Brother might be the intro to unveiling the Avengers 4 trailer.

Fans even went so far as to find a gorgeous symmetry in the dates for the purported reveal, as it matched up with the release of the Infinity War  trailer.


No title, no trailer. Nothing. I’m sure Thanos is very pleased with this emptiness we feel in our hearts.

The Russos did do a Q&A but said they would not answer any Avengers 4 questions. Awwwwwwwww. But they did talk about SOME stuff. YAYYYYYYYY!

The entire video will be posted by Collider, but some attendees tweeted it out. You can follow from this thread.

And this one:


I’m sure all the comments will be chewed over endlessly today but a few highlights:

  • Thor’s Stormbreaker hammer is not more powerful than the Infinity Gauntlet.
  • The Russo’s joked (??) that they want to make Secret Wars.
  • Loki, the Vision and Gamora are dead. No tricks.
  • Tying in the Marvel TV heroes with the MCU is too complicated, so no Jessica Jones, etc.
  • The Red Skull is a ghost. Hugo Weaving was asked to come back, but the reasons that didn’t happen were not mentioned.
  • Asked if there might be a Latino character introduced, the Russos said that the MCU will continue to diversity but didn’t want to give anything away.
  • Although GOTF 3 is on indefinite hold, they did not affect Avengers 4, since that movie was finished before the controversy.

And so on. Some interesting technical details were discussed though, such as Civil War and Winter Soldier were shot with three cameras to give them a cinema verite feel. A:IF was shot with one to make it more grand.

When will this agony end? The MCU architects have the whole world right in the palm of their hand, and I suspect they are enjoying this suspense. And secretly, we are too. Sometimes anticipation is half the fun.



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