And as we head off to the weekend….via Tyler Walpole at The Gutters


  1. let me see if i got this straight. they can rebuild arms, legs, and a torso for vic stone (cyborg), build a new arm for arsenal, but can’t do a damn thing to fix barbara gordon’s spine? why not? cute pic, lady blackhawk looks like an angry egg with a beak.

  2. Oh look… the debate over Babs’s legs… again.. for the.. ugh. Look, long story short, best answer I heard is that Babs said she didn’t want special treatment and access to tech to fix her disability unless said tech is available to everyone with disability.

    Meanwhile.. I rather am neutral to Angry Birds. A bit sick of the hype, but when I tried it on a friends phone it was pretty damn fun with a neat design. Forget what old game it reminds me of.

    Also this weekend at an anime con, I saw two Birds of Prey in the crowds. A Canary and a Lady Blackhawk. That was pretty awesome.

  3. @xenos: not so much start a debate as i wasn’t sure what the story was with barbara gordon’s condition and why she hasn’t taken advantage of the tech available in the DCU. thanks for the lowdown.

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