There can be only 12 regenerations of Doctors, so, the 13th Doctor will be the the final one in the Doctor Who universe. A part of a series of character re-imaginations, Warren Ellis recently asked Whitechapel message board readers to visualize the appearance of the 13th Doctor. While there were many artists who had fun, there were two (so far) who have knocked it out of the park and knowing their love of the Who-verse, it’s no surprise that they are Ben Templesmith and Pia Guerra. Guerra’s was posted on Photobucket and has long ago overridden its bandwidth so we’re happy to present it here in all its glory. Click to enlarge!



  1. On a technical level, many of the drawings are very good, however some of the responses are fairly tiresome and predicable “the Doctor is a heroin addict and swaps the Tardis for a handjob”.

    How daring! How different!

  2. No, its not canon anymore. When the series was relaunched the doctor had absorbed new abilities as the last timelord and can now regenerate indefinitely.

  3. “Is the whole “only 12 regenerations thing” still canon? I don’t believe anyone’s mentioned it since 2005.”

    “No, its not canon anymore. When the series was relaunched the doctor had absorbed new abilities as the last timelord and can now regenerate indefinitely.”

    The Doctor didn’t absorb any new powers, nor has the issue of regenerations past the 12th been answered. Steven Moffat, the current showrunner and a giant Doctor Who fan, said that if they needed to address anything past a 13th incarnation, they’d come up with an explanation. In fact, we don’t even know that it would be an issue. The 12 regenerations could be a biological limit, or a cultural/political limit institute by the Timelords. If it’s the latter, there’s no issue.

  4. The 13 regenerations IS still canon, the Doctor is currently on his 11th. But like previously said if they want to go beyond 13 they will come up with something. Matt Smith has said he wants to continue in the roll until the 5oth anniversary which is 3 years away. Change may not be on the horizon for a while.

  5. We’ve already seen something of the Doctor’s 13th incarnation in The Trial of a Time Lord, way back when the 6th Doctor was put on trial for genocide, amongst other things. It’s later revealed that the prosecuting council – The Valeyard – is in fact aspect of the Doctor’s evil side, existing somewhere between his 12th and final regeneration. This might have been foreshadowed in the Amy’s Choice episode from the recent series, as the ‘dream doctor’ was in fact the dark side of the Doctor made manifest. The Doctor himself acknowledged this.

    In a wild feat of speculation, I think (maybe) that the ‘good man’ Prof. River Song is hinted at having killed is in fact the 13th Doctor, perhaps before he goes bad?

    Just a thought.

  6. The 12 regenerations limit is not a biological thing, but a rule of the Time Lords, and the Doctor has no problem breaking rules, even if the Time Lords were still around to enforce them.

    I would love to see a punk Doctor. Even more than that, though, a black Doctor, or a lady Doctor. A black lady who is also, inexplicably, a ginger! Make the Doctor’s dreams come true!

  7. I’m no expert, but I thought I had also read that in the older versions of the show, The Master had managed to cut deals to subvert the 12 regenerations rule. I’m sure they’ll come up with a way for The Doctor to do the same should push come to shove.

  8. I think the answer to the number of regenerations is – it’s a kid’s tv show and if it’s still popular they will get around it.

  9. I hope Matt Smith stays around long after the 50th anniversary and tries to beat Baker’s record. Last season was GREAT and I think he ranks right up there with Tom Baker as being “The” Doctor though Baker is hard to beat.

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