While the Eagle award winners still haven’t been put online, more informal awards called the 2008 Golden Champagne Glass Awardshave been announced. They were presented at some kind of drunken bar fest during the Bristol con in the UK, and apparently we really did win one for Best Journalist (US). Organizer Tony Lee assures us that we really did win by a plurality of votes, so we can only say…thanks! It’s an honor just to be nominated, but winning is nice too.

Above you can see the award presentation by Tony and some other jolly fellows, and there seems to have been a lot of drinking involved, so you can see this is clearly the kind of award we deserve to win.


  1. From left to right – Dan Boultwood, co presenter and co founder of ‘Two Drunk Guys In A Bar Productions’ and co founder of the ‘Golden Champagne Glass Awards’, Beside him in fez, aviator glasses and robe is Mustapha, our Egyptian security guard (after all, these ARE golden champagne glasses – not plastic ones sprayed gold and glues onto upside down plant pots, oh no…), then there is me and finally award winner Jamie Boardman winning ‘Hardest Drinker’…