30DayonBen Templesmith returns from hanging out at the 30 DAYS OF NIGHT set, and he is excited:

I was awesomely, stunningly wrong in my assumptions. Being on set and meeting David Slade ( and his delightful girlfriend Erica of course ) made me realize he’s got plans for this thing. He’s got a vision, while all his own, is going to riff on the visuals of the book, the part that really made it work I think… I can understand now why David got the job. I hadn’t realized before, but before he saw the comic and wanted to take the visuals into account on the movie, I’d already been influenced by him and his earlier work, to get the mood for the book. His use of colours and ideas…it’s a small world, and I need to get out more basically. ( Ok, some of the things he’s done are a bit obscure for me to find, but now he’s told me, I’m shocked at how much of his previous work I’ve seen. ). He’s also a talented artist in his own right. ( no, drawing/art wise I mean, not just the directorial stuff. )

So basically, I spent a few lucky days in November and now December where I got to stand around on set and watch some scenes going on. I’m told I didn’t really see any exciting stuff, but hell, blinking is exciting to me if the camera is rolling. I have a new appreciation for all the work going into the movie process now. I still can’t beleive how many of the little things that were “me” will perhaps make it in. I definitely feel way more invested in this thing now, thanks to the work Weta and everyone has done to turn my grizzled little drawings vageuly into reality. It was kind of surreal at times. Of course, I can’t show anything or give specifics…suffice to say as a comic creator who drew a comic now being turned into a major motion picture, well, I couldn’t be happier. I am humbled and honored with what those guys are doing, including the real concept art guys who have to make sense of it to turn it into reality.If there’s ever going to be an official statement from me about the filming of the thing and how it turned out, it’s basically going to be that.

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