Dear god, it’s so cute.

We were unaware of the trend of teeny-weeny libraries in little playhouses, but then we never look up from our backlit world. This one was designed by artist Colin McMullan on the classic New England library plan, and appropriately enough, it’s located on a corner in Williamsburg. The collection within includes books, zines, newspapers, and comics — in this case, Jesse Moynihan’s FOLLOW ME.


You can see the whole collection here.

To borrow a book you need access to the lock code.


  1. They missed an opportunity here – the library should have been filled with John Grisham novels and Lady’s Home Journals for the hipsters to enjoy ironically.

  2. Yes, around Madison, WI where I live, there are many “Little Free Libraries”, or “Take a Book, Leave a Books”. I’m snagging finds there all the time (and donating whatever I can), and once somebody put an entire, pristine collection of classics- Benjamin Franklin’s autibiography, Tom Sawyer, The Iliad, The Odyssey. Having been homeschooled, and consequently not having been assigned many of said books, I happily took a good 5 of them home with me.

    Still- I would LOVE a teeny tiny library to be built like that around here! Or heck, several! In fact, I might make my own someday, if I have the time!