Of all the teasers Marvel ever released, this is by far the LEAST mysterious.


A new Nightcrawler book by Chris Claremont and Todd Nauck is coming in April.


  1. It could be a new title: Brotherhood of Angry Mutant Fathers. The lineup? Magneto, Professor X, Cyclops, and Longshot all talk about their kids and try to come to terms with protecting a world that fears and hates them. Psylocke serves as their counselor and love interest.

    Or an “untold tale”: Banshee’s Amazing Mission to France. In a time long ago, Magneto plans on using the Eiffel Tower to generate a magnetic pulse wave across Europe. The result? Spontaneous mutation across the continent will be magnified twenty-fold, leading to the creation of a mutant European Union (a Mutapean Union?) with Magneto as leader. Professor X recruits young Sean Cassidy to sabotage Magneto’s magnetic pulse with a counter frequency sonic scream. But Sean has his own mission: tracking down the IRA agent that murdered his wife. Will Banshee save Europe, or satisfy his thirst for revenge?!? Guest starring Betsy Braddock as Sean’s potential love interest.

    Or maybe it’s a new team-up book: In the first issue, Boom-Boom, Allison Blair, Ms. Marvel, and Firestar team up to stop an group of inter-dimensional slavers who are kidnapping mutants. The team must act fast before they lose their dear friend, Psylocke, to the depths of space! Guest starring Shadowcat and Lockheed!

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