We have all had some wacky things happen to us. Some medical experiences are serious and dramatic while others are so wild, most wouldn’t believe it (Me? I’ve had run-ins with jellyfish and of course, pregnancy always triggers interesting things). Anyway, in Medical Tales Retold, some of the most unique medical situations are retold in comic form.
The series is collected and illustrated by Nick Seluk (The Awkward Yeti) on Tapas. Seluk explains that these are true stories (although not always verified) “from the world of medicine, re-imagined and brought to life.” They are “unique, bizarre, funny, and touching stories from real patients, doctors, and caregivers.”
Some stories seem like they should be on a Ripley’s Believe It or Not special (check out the foot lump one) while others touch on how some people do not know how to be around those who have had trauma or an illness. What is socially acceptable when you see a scar? Do you ask? Do you mind your business? I’d probably mind my business, but according to the person in the episode, everywhere they went led to several uncomfortable conversations, and their response to it all is, in my opinion, perfect.
Medical Tales Retold has free episodes on Tapas every three days. Begin reading here.
Medical Tales Retold