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The Marvel Rundown: Two AVENGERS titles enter their endgame, and the...

We've got discussion and reviews for the finales of West Coast Avengers and Avengers: No Road Home, as well as the debuts of War of the Realms: War Scrolls and Star Wars: TIE Fighter!

The Marvel Rundown: Do the finales of INFINITY WARS and SPIDER-GEDDON...

We've got reviews of the two big Marvel event finales this week, plus we check in on the West Coast Avengers!

WEST COAST AVENGERS #4 Variant Cover Showcases Surprise Jimmy Kimmel Cameo

The West Coast Avengers are making their superhero debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live in issue #4, which hits shelves on Nov. 21.

The Marvel Rundown: Kate Bishop gets a Little Help from her...

Marvel's Fresh Start isn't over yet! Check out our first thoughts on the debuts of West Coast Avengers and Punisher!

West Coast Avengers is Back — With Gwenpool and Quentin Quire

The WCA are still led by Hawkeye... but this time the Hawkeye in Question is Kate Bishop, not Clint.