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Dell and Alienware looking to draw more console gamers to PC

Dell isn’t content on just supplying gear to strict PC gamers. They also hope to also lure that of seasoned console gamers to the world of PC. “The overlap between console ownership and PC ownership is increasing, and I think, and we think, as a company this is the perfect feature set and price point for someone who’s looking to buy their first gaming PC,” said the rep referring to Dell’s line of PC gaming machines called the Dell G3, G5, and G7 come in.

E3 2018: Highlights from the PC Gaming Show

Hitman 2 will be able to accommodate around two-thousand NPCs and will offer new game mechanics: The crowd mechanic allows the player to lose themselves in crowds if they are being hunted and if the crowds are not suspicious or fleeing; The picture in picture mechanic will allow the player to see other sections of the map by use of devices; Lastly, the Sniper Briefcase will return, but this time will be able to accommodate more items that the player may want to conceal.

NO SPANDEX SATURDAY: Yelling at your friends is fun in DEATH...

We’ve often talked about how little power actually means in video games. For every Ghost Recon Wildlands, there’s a Zelda Ocarina of Time. Games...