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GHOST-SPIDER brings Gwen Stacy across the Spider-Verse in relaunched series

Gwen Stacy's newly-christened series finds the titular character splitting her time between her own Earth and the main Marvel Universe.

A cat saves the universe in Griffoni, Doe, and Krotzer’s STRAYED

Full details for the series have been released following a series of teaser images Dark Horse posted earlier this week.

New trailer and series description released for The CW’s BATWOMAN

The description and trailer for the forthcoming series reveal details about the characters' backstory and Gotham's status quo in the pilot.

Dark Horse teases new space cat series STRAYED

Have you seen Lou?

POWER PACK returns in new one-shot by Louise Simonson, June Brigman,...

The team of Alex, Julie, Katie, and Jack Power, team up with Wolverine and Kitty Pryde in a new adventure by their original creative team.

New PS4 Spider-Man and FUTURE FOUNDATION titles coming from Marvel in...

MARVEL'S SPIDER-MAN: VELOCITY will be the first original adventure set in the PS4 Spidey universe, while FUTURE FOUNDATION spins out of events in FANTASTIC FOUR.

Comics Twitter Is Abuzz with More Enigmatic #MarvelComics Teasers

The #MarvelComics hashtag has so far produced 40+ creative teams.

Cobie Smulders-starring STUMPTOWN adaptation ordered to series by ABC

The series follows a Portland-based PI as she works cases and tries to keep her life together.

The CW orders BATWOMAN and RIVERDALE spin-off KATY KEENE to series,...

It's a good day for characters with double-K initials.

SPECULATION: What’s the Deal with Today’s Marvel Comics Teasers?

The teases feature what are presumably creative teams - but what are they for? And what do The Black Eyed Peas have to do them?

Dark Horse to publish two new FROZEN graphic novels ahead of...

Cecil Castellucci will pen a YA adaptation of 2013 film, while the other graphic novel will feature new tales from the Frozen universe.

FX’s new LEGION poster is as trippy as you would expect...

The striking poster for the final season of the series features an assortment of images from previous seasons.